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Post-traumatic stress disorder has been shown to heal after the use of cannabis which is mainly due to the regenerative function of CBD. There are more than 300 different chemical compounds in the cannabis plant.

One said the proposals to outlaw it were “absolute rot.” But the hysteria Anslinger helped stir up worked politically. High taxes made cannabis much more expensive and difficult to obtain decades before President Nixon — scientists of his era disagreed with him, too, about marijuana’s supposed dangers — signed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. A plant that people had used medicinally for thousands of years was now driven underground. After O’Shaughnessy published his treatises on the plant, its use spread rapidly among physicians.

CBD is promising to be a safe, and effective treatment for many of the symptoms of TBI. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that CBD oil, in its pure state, does not cause harm or have the potential for abuse even at high doses. CBD is the main non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s been receiving a lot of attention recently.

It was cannabis CBD first isolated 1940 and ultimately chemically characterized in 1963. Recently, research has demonstrated that CBD has wide ranging activity in terms of reducing inflammation and the damaging effects of free radicals.

These results, they say, suggest that CBD could be a useful treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders affecting the brain’s neural functioning. CBD can moderate these feelings and even promote recovery from the effects of THC. The 2018 study reveals that long-term cannabis use is linked to a loss of brain volume in the hippocampus. This study is supported by other researchshowing that teens who consume cannabis, even minimally, can also experience these changes in brain volume.