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Solar Park Impacts on Ecosystem Services (SPIES)

The SPIES project produced a decision support tool to inform solar park management for ecosystem services using an evidenced-based approach. The decision support tool developed with the SPIES project was extended within the subsequent SPIES:I project. For more details see the SPIES website.


SPIES was led by Dr Alona Armstrong and in collaboration with Prof Piran White, University of York. Many stakeholders have contributed to SPIES, including BRE National Solar Centre, Colleymore Farm, Corylus Ltd, Cotswold Council, Good Energy, Holistic Ideas, IEMA, Intelligent PV, Kencot Hill Solar Farm, Lightsource, The National Farmers Union, Natural England, Natural Generation, REG Power, RSPB, The Solar Trade Association, WeSET, Wild Power, Woodland Valley Farm, and Wychwood Biodiversity.

NERC funded
Grant Code: NE/N016955/1
Period: 2016-2017
GotW Page: SPIES